Ever seen the I Love Lucy episode where she worked at a chocolate factory? It started off so well… the conveyor belt moving at a manageable pace, allowing Lucy to create chocolate masterpieces with love and care. But that scenario quickly shifted. Soon the conveyor belt took off at lighting speed and the quality of the product became compromised. It’s hilarious on TV, but not so funny when it’s your everyday work life. This is why we started Farmhand Studios.

Our goal is simple… deliver a product that maintains a quality of standard that we could be proud of. We live by the basic ideals that with a little hard work, dedication and personal attention, we will always achieve this goal each and every time.

We offer value to our clients by providing handiwork that surpasess the “good enough” mentality too often found in faster-paced larger companies.  In return, we’ve been lucky enough to be rewarded with their trust and loyalty.

So, take some time to graze and check out our work.


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